Light Therapy for the Coming Right Brain Revolution

Enhance your mind directly through LIGHT and SOUND.

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PSiO Audio-Visual Stimulation

Why is the PSiO the most sophisticated AVS machine ever built : 

  • All-in-one (a world first)
  • Colour stimulation with eyes open
  • Internal MP3 reader
  • Rebalancing software based on 20 years of clinical experience (a world first)
  • PSIO Light Therapy

    "In a society fed with sleeping pills, antidepressants and anxiolytics, PSiO® presents itself as a real opportunity to achieve harmony of one’s mind naturally, step by step.

    This is the first time such a simple solution has been available to the public and that it can be found on the bedside table to generate positive thinking with the effective support of light that acts as a potent catalyst.
    The benefits of PSiO® applications are multiple : emotional harmony, personal growth, performance, strengthening immunity and even reprogramming behavior. And more, to be discovered !
    PSiO® will lead you into this very private space that is your haven of peace; a space that belongs to you alone and just waiting to take care of you..."
    ~Stéphane Dumonceau

UNIQUE in the World

High technology for an unparalleled product, unique in the world

The PSiO technology is the result of 28 years of NEUROSCIENCE research.

This technology also uses a combination of the current highest expertise in the following areas :

The High Tech PSiO Glass

In total, five years of academic research were necessary to develop the PSiO, with persisting anxiety until the last six months of never being able to stick to the basic specifications !

To achieve this seemingly inaccessible result, it was compulsory to reach a surface roughness similar to that of the Hubble Space Telescope mirrors. Extreme precision mold optical quality required by a mold of such optical quality involved a long process of development with special tooling equipped with diamond tips and an approved environmental "clean room". With this ultimate precision, light could finally be spread evenly on to the whole surface of the eye lens.